Young girl with question mark on a gray background .You have probably read or even been told that your website is a constantly changing thing. You should have elements that change on a regular basis. This is very true and you will see a benefit from doing this.

But you may not have the time or you may just be starting out and have other focuses, the most important maintenance you must do is keeping your site up to date and relevant to your business. Otherwise what it the point in having one.

Ok but how to check your website is correct? At a minimium, once a year sit or even better sit with a friend in front of your site, and ask yourself these 4 questions;

1) Is the information correct?

Check any dates on the site, including the years of experience or established. Is the phone number or email still correct?

2) Is the information still relevant?

Have you added or removed or updated any services? What about your team?

3) Is it still clear what you do?

I mean really clear, spell it out and go in to detail. Have you added items through the year that have confused or hidden the message?

4) Does the site still look good?

Has anything disappeared or broken? Can you still easily access all the information? Does the site look old?

If you do this even once a year at least you will be confident the information on your website will be right and relevant.

Are there any tips or tricks you use to keep up to date on your website? We would love to hear from you, just comment below.


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