Maybe it is because we started as a graphic and website design company predominately promoting Graphic design, Logos and Stationary.

You would not be foolish to think this but then why not change it once we changed our focus to websites, I hear you cry…..

Because it was not the reason, the reason (ohhh a bit of Celine Dion just ran through my head, “you are the reason”) was much more personal.

When I set up the company my main aim, and is now the teams, is to create a design business that does not confuse people with technical jargon or complicated answers, and this got me thinking about how can I explain what a designer can do for a business in a simplistic and visual way.

Here’s how….

If you have 12 fairy cakes all plain sponge, no icing, and imagine they are 12 businesses that all offer a similar service but to different people, one is looking for mothers, another big businesses, so on and so on…… but how can we tell them apart by looking at them, in their current state… we can not.

So a designer steps in and creates a brand which can be used across the business, this is like a baker adding icing to the fairy cakes, blue…pink…glittery… show they are different.

This helps the business aim for their desired client and helps the client know the business is right for them.

Therefore Graphic (branding) and Icing (the unique look of your business) helps use remember our core aim.


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