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Website Maintenance

So you have had your website designed and built… what?

Your website will need a few bits to be shown to the world and keep it safe. The most basic list is hosting and domain. But what does this mean?

Hosting is a space to store files so they can be accessed on the internet and a domain is another name for a website address for example

At Graphic icing we also encourage our clients to consider backups and updates as part of the essential list to keep their website safe and secure. Therefore we take daily backups and perform monthly updates in all our website maintenance packages. This allows us to be your website’s safety net.

Libby has been working on the SEO for my website, and I can say I’ve seen a big change already with queries and web presence. She is a true professional and has managed my expectation at all stages of work. I look forward to working together in the near future.

Amrit Training & Therapy

Take a look at the packages below and we are here to chat if you have any questions or are unsure which one is for you.

Let us explain some of the differences.


With each package you can have an email and mailbox, the packages vary on how many 1, 5, or 10. This means you can finally stop sending emails from unprofessional email accounts such as hotmail and start sending from your business address. So for example Graphic icing’s website is and therefore our emails are You can also use email aliases which are a email address that masks or sends to another, for example if I send an email to [email protected]  but the email mailbox that recieves it is [email protected] instead of it own mailbox.

The number of emails you require will depend on you business and the impression you wish to give. You may want an email for each employee or section of you business. Here is a selection of emails you may with to use name@, info@, accounts@, support@, sales@, enquires@, just to name a few.

Content updates

This is where you get some of our time to work on your website, this could be making the changes found by the google analytic anaylsis or regular updates such as adding or removing event details, adding photos to a gallery or even posting your blog article. The packages give you 1 hour a month or 2 hours but what can be done in that time?

Here are some examples of the 1 hour;

Example 1 – for a cookery teacher

  • Add 2 events with links to buy tickets
  • Remove 2 events day after event
  • Add 2 new recipes as blog posts

Example 2 – for an artist

  • Update news page with 2 pieces of information sent
  • Add 4 new images
  • Set up a new project page on the website for this months charity event.

Here are some examples of the 3 hour;

Example 1 – for a card shop

  • Set up 10 new products
  • Post 4 blog posts – 1 per week
  • Change main banner to latest sale
  • Set up new discount code

Example 2 – for a hotel

  • Set up 1 new website page
  • 1 hour of general SEO and design changes
  • Add featured press articles
  • upload blog post
  • Change 4 images

We have included this as a lot of our customers told us they find it hard to stay on top of updating thier website. Either they were so busy running thier business or they lacked the skills to make changes needed taking them twice as long to learn them. They knew they could get someone to make these changes on a one off basis but found the costs quickly mountaining up. That is why we believe having us at your side can help you keep your website up to date and achieving its goal without unexpected costs or time consuming learning, save you the time and money.

Domains (website addresses)

As I mentioned before domains are just another name for website addresses. All the packages include a address but you may also require the .com. Not having the .com may not be a worry for you especially if your business is small or has a unique name but as you business grows you should consider owning this version of the domain to save you from copycats.

Google analytics report and analysis

The google analytic report will give you data on your website visitors and what they have been interacting with on the website. This information is useful to show you where your website visitors come from and what they like.

A more in depth look into this data is a google analytic analsis where we go through your data and then write up what is going on on the website and how users are interacting with your content. Followed by what this tells us and how the website could be improve to convert more of your website visitors in to your customers. The outcome of the analysis is to give you enough information to develop your website as your customers needs and taste change, so they keep coming back time and time again.


We offer support via email or phone Monday to Friday (10am to 5pm). This is for any questions you may have with your website as you use it. The main difference for this option will be response times, with email having a slower response.

Exisiting website set up bolt on

If your website was not built by us we are happy to mive it for you, taking on the scary techinical things that need to be considerd and done. We will also do a full website audit which will give you the information on how to improve your website’s content and design to get the most out of it and to truely achieve your goals.  It also tells us how to improve your website security and give your website visitors the best possible experience.

Copywriting – Blogs

Copywriting is one of the biggest time saves for all our clients. If you have a blog you know you need to be posting regularly  but most of us do not have the spare hour or 2 to write a blog post especially every month or week. Or if you are like some of our clients really hate writing so you procastinate about writing sometimes spending a whole day just trying to complete the task. And this is where our copywriting bolt ons are amazing, producing a blog post for you either once a month or week it allows you to cross that time consuming item off your to do list.


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