What is a landing page?

There is lots of confusion around this, some say it is separate from your website and others that it is just your home page. Well, let me clear this up.

A landing page is a website page designed for traffic from a marketing or ad campaign. This page can be stand-alone or on your website but it must only have one single focus or goal. (So not your home page). So for example, if I created a Facebook ad campaign, the link on the campaign would take people to a page and this page would be my landing page.


Why would you use a landing page?

There are a number of reasons to use a landing page but the biggest reason is it allows you nurture and grow your relationship with the person who clicked on your ad. They clicked through on an ad with a specific message if they then land on a page that doesn’t continue this conversation it becomes unclear what you want them to do and they may think I’ve come through to the wrong website.

A landing page also gives you the opportunity to explain your message in more detail without overwhelming your audience because the page is a space all about the one point you want your potential customer to know about and not all the services you offer.

Finally, a landing page gives you the ability to accurately track how people are interacting with your marketing content without it getting rolled into the numbers with all your other traffic because your landing page should only be receiving traffic from your marketing campaign. This allows you to track this data and accurately test and optimised your page to get the best results.


What do you need on a landing page?

1) HEADINGS – First of all, you need a clear heading and subheading, this gives your audience a clear guide that they have come through to the right page and that you’re still talking about the same topic.


2) DESCRIPTION – After your headline you want a description, don’t make this too long or overly complex. Your audience wants more information but they don’t want to be overwhelmed or have to work very hard to get it.


3) IMAGE / VIDEO – Your page should contain at least one image or short video. I highly recommend a short video over an image as this is a quick way to get information over to your audience in a format that they will find easy to use but I understand this is not always possible so make sure you include an image instead. Others the page will look bland and overly wordy.


4) TESTIMONIALS – You should include testimonials or customer logos to build trust and show that the service or products that you are offering are high value.


5) CALL TO ACTION – Finally, the most important thing to include on your landing page is a call to action this can be a form or a button (but only one this is not the time to add confusion). You need to tell your audience what you would like them to do next.



Landing pages are such an important part of our marketing campaigns, it is so important that you get them right as they take your potential customer from clicking on an advert to being a customer.


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