Is you website a ghost town?

It could be a simple fix

Website Review Session

At Graphic Icing, we believe in functional websites that achieve the goal you have set for them, and not just look pretty.

We talk to many companies who have a website but they say “it’s a ghost town, I get no work from it”.

Just because they are not getting any work from their site does not mean it’s a ghost town. On many occasions, we have set up tracking on the site to discover there are over 200 people visiting the site every month.

So what is going wrong?
There are usually only a couple of things within the site design, layout or content that are stopping people. Hard to find information, the wrong image, buttons where they shouldn’t be, just to name a few.

With our website review session,
we will sit down with you and

  • go through your website using our knowledge and experience to pinpoint the issues
  • advise on website improvements to get the most out of your website
  • advise the best way to use your website to support your current or future marketing plans
  • answer any question you have
  • help you come up with a plan going forward.

And when you consider that there will be over 6 billion people online by 2022, and more people are using the Internet to find information, and buy products and services can your business really afford to have a problem with its website.


DAYS AVAILABLE: Tuesdays and Fridays

TIME: 1.5 hours

LOCATION: Skype or Zoom

PRICE: £80

As always you gave good clear service. No question however banal was too much trouble. Thank you Graphic Icing



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