People Buy From People They Trust Reminder MessageWe are currently working on our new weekly Q&A videos and a very interesting question came up I just had to write about, Why do you actually need a website??

There are a lot of answers to this question and it depends on your business but the answer that is true for all businesses is to be trusted. By having a website you prove you are a professional, and add some weight to the idea you are a legit.

Think about these questions:

When someone gives you a referral what do you do next?

When you meet someone with a business you might what to work with, how do you find out more?

Most peoples’ answer is they check the website, and part of this is for information seeking and part reassurance. If they have a good website or the right information we let ourselves trust a little bit more.

I recently saw this in action, when a tradesman was knocking on doors on my road, he was a lovely chap but it was very hard to find any information about him online and a lot of people on the street commented they would not use him because they have no reference.  We did use his services but I had butterflies in my stomach about it. In the end he did a great job but if he had a website I believe he would get more work and I definitely would not have had butterflies.


So the main reason for a website is to allow your Potential customers to TRUST you.


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