bad feedback

We have all heard the saying no press is bad press, but does this apply to feedback from your customers. We all know we cannot please everyone, and you can spend weeks if not longer beating yourself up over a bad comment even when accompanied with good feedback.

Being a designer has taught me to distance my emotions from the work I produce but not from my business.

Even with this in mind we still encourage our clients to give us honest feedback good or bad, so we can learn from the bad, we believe bad feedback is only bad when you do not act on it.

Since starting the business we have learnt to appreciate people being honest and helping us develop. Because of bad feedback from a client we spent a whole year looking at how we offer our servicesĀ  and now receive excellent feedback on this subject.

So how do you deal with bad feedback? First look at the reason, is it just someone who is lashing out because they are angry, (there are many reasons people get angry, one example if they have had a bad morning orĀ  just been stuck in traffic for an hour) or is it actually something you need to work on.

You know in your gut when a bad review hits your inbox if the area it mentions needs improvement.

So once you decide to act, make a plan, contact the reviewer and thank them maybe tell them how you are planning to improve because of their feedback.

Do not let bad feedback demotivate you; let it inspire you to make improvements, as and when you can.


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