So you have a sparkling new website designed for your potential and existing customers…………Now what??
Website on TabletApart from the regular checks on the information and dates on site. Your website needs to show your business is active and give your visitor something of interest they will come back time and time again.

There are a number of ways to do this, it could be a blog if you have the time or budget, and if you do not a social media feed.

But why is this important, a website can be set up with no more work done to it, and this may bring in some customers for you but with a regularly update site you increase confidence your business is active and not going to disappear, along with increasing the chances of being shared to your visitor contacts.

Therefore if you give people a reason to come back time and time again they will bring others as well as when they need someone with your skill set you will be on the tip of thier tongue.

The activity on your website does not need to be daily, weekly or even monthly, it just needs to be consistent.

Why not tell us below what change you make on your website regularly.


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