Video wall with many screen imagesWhile running a business you will come across the need for images, but where do you get an image you can legally use.

As a web designer I get sent images taken from google and other people’s work, and let me just make it clear these images have a copyright, and therefore you can not use them without permission.

So I often have the conversation where you can source images. Obviously the best images are those created by a professional photographer hired for your project but if that is not in your budget you could 1) take the images yourself or 2) look in to stock photography. Stock images are those that have been professional taken and are available to download on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

There are a number of sites online that allow you to buy images for a range of prices and quality.
iStock and Shutterstock are the most expensive but carry assure. At the other end you have sites like fotolia and canva which offer images fairly cheaply but without the range. I personal love fotolia and I sourced the feature image on this post there.

There are free options such as pexels but in the same way we all want to be paid for our hard work, I feel it is only right to do the same for photography.

Please remember do not use images from google without the owners permission and that includes logos, and instead take your own or source a stock image. If you need help sourcing images feel free to contact us.


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