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In today’s online world video plays an important role but how do we get it right on our websites. Here are my top ten tips;

1) Keep it short

Our attention spans are very different from how they use to be, they are a lot shorter. It has been shown in studies that the viewer of your website video will start to tune out after just 1 minute.


2) Keep it relevant

So if we consider your video is 1 minute long you really need to avoid wandering off topic. When you start to wander so does your audience


3) Prepare and plan

Make the most of your time, but also make it look professional. It does not help your business to have a video with erm as every other word.

So plan and get clear on what you need to say, this does not mean you need to script the video as this can look unnatural but have a general idea.


4) Consider the title

The title is important, choose it the same way you would choose a blog title. Think about your subject and keywords.


5) Content is key

Be careful not to confuse your viewer with unclear messages, choose 1 clear message/purpose for your video to avoid overwhelming your viewer.


6) Be authentic

People can tell when you are trying to be something your not, so be you. This is supported by the fact people buy people not businesses these days, so show who you really are, this will also help create an emotional bond with your business for the viewer. (I’ll expand on this in another blog).


7) Call to action

Anyone who knows me will hear me says this over and over again. ALWAYS give a call to action, never leave your viewer or potential customer with a choice of what to do next, guide them…. “If you like what you hear why not drop us an email.”


8) Branding

Use your logo in your video, especially if you host your video on a platform like YouTube, as your video may get seen without your website. It also helps to create a feeling of professionalism.


9) Make use of lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your video, if it is too dark or too light it will appear unprofessional and poor quality. But I don’t have the budget to buy professional lights, its ok you can shoot the video outside on a slightly cloudy day (you don’t want bright sunshine). Or if shooting inside choose a well-lit room or use halogen lights, remember to light your background as well as your presenter.


10) Give it something memorable

Finally, give a memorable hook, something people will talk about.

“Oh, that reminds me have you seen this companies video”.


So in conclusion, keep it short and to the point and plan, plan, plan.


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